By John P. Flannery

No more pettifoggery.

Biden favors releasing documents that implicate Trump in the 1/6 insurrection. The Select Committee should get those documents & release them immediately.

Stop “protecting” we the people from the full truth. Use the power available.

Don’t dilute it.

Fight afterwards, if we must…

By John P. Flannery

The Republicans packed the Supreme Court with three Justices, the worrisome threesome I call them, which begs the question, how does one repair what Trump and McConnell did?

With the replacement of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the court profile reflected a 6–3 conservative majority after…


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SCW Cultural Arts at Emanuel presents Video Conversation with John Flannery & Joyce Vance, moderated by Errol Louis

On Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 3:00PM, Stephen C. Widom Cultural Arts at Emanuel will present a Video Conversation with former federal appellate law…

by John P. Flannery

Donald J. Trump has played out his hand, lost the presidential election, proven himself a bad loser, and will soon confront all those offenses he committed in his 2016 election campaign and since.

Is it necessary — to investigate and perhaps prosecute Trump?

It is if…

by John P.Flannery

Back in 1974, when the Justice Department was asked whether Nixon could pardon himself, the opinion was, “No.”

This is an excerpt of that memo.

Starting off with the section of the constitution dealing with pardons, DOJ had this to say those many years ago.

“Pursuant to…

By John P. Flannery

Trump and Giuliani appear unable to conquer their shared self-pity and despair, and so, drawing upon art and biblical myth, we may conclude that, unlike Samson, they will not be restored to whatever “storied” strength they may claim to have enjoyed.

Following the election on November…

by John P. Flannery

Trump believes he can’t win this election.

He may be wrong — but he believes it.

Recent events including the polls and fund raising for Biden suggest that he’s right.

Trump has therefore assumed the worst, and attacked the fairness of the election with spurious claims…

John Flannery

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