Time to fight for our democracy

John Flannery
2 min readOct 9, 2021

By John P. Flannery

No more pettifoggery.

Biden favors releasing documents that implicate Trump in the 1/6 insurrection. The Select Committee should get those documents & release them immediately.

Stop “protecting” we the people from the full truth. Use the power available.

Don’t dilute it.

Fight afterwards, if we must, whether we could do what we’ve done. Invoke the power intended by our founders to protect this nation.

Don’t negotiate with these criminals. Don’t honor more obstruction by appeasing these lawless adversaries instructing witnesses not to cooperate with the Hill investigation.

Act now. Stop the foot dragging.

Bannon says he won’t cooperate, seek his contempt now. No more back and forth.

They count on the delay that worked when Trump had Barr to obstruct any real investigation. Bannon is just running the clock. Let’s shut down this game of delay and hubris.

Finally, get a US Attorney on the job. No quarter. Garland must be inert — because Biden is just fine with that. Biden has to understand this is a street fight. Don’t be confused by all those marble columns all around us. This is as low as any citizen can go — to betray his country. Let’s treat it for what it is.

This has got to end. Garland, wake up, to your job, assign a US Attorney to investigate something other than the rioters, namely, these co-conspirators who came close to bringing down our government.

Let him, her, them, whomever, rip this challenge up by its roots.

We are engaged in nothing short of a defense of our democracy. Let’s act like that’s the case.

This has been obvious for 9 months. Still we fiddle.

Some hope this group of autocrats is going away. Not a chance.

Keep in mind — there is no executive privilege to overthrow a democracy.

There is however a constitutional mandate, and a sacred oath, to preserve and protect this nation. We’re floundering. We’re not acting.

No more half steps. It’s high time that we used all the powers of the government to preserve and protect our nation from the enemy within.

We are long past the time of reckoning when we should have summoned these criminals to the grand jury and punish those who would bring down this proud nation — starting with the head of the snake — Trump himself.